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July 15th, 1410 - The Battle of Grunwald (aka Tannenberg)

Conflict: Polish-Lithuanian-Teutonic Civil War

Combatants: Poles and Lithuanians vs. Teutonic Knights

Location: Germany

Outcome: Polish-Lithuanian victory

On this day in 1410, King Ladislas II Jagiello's army of Poles and Lithuanians bolstered with Russian and Tartar mercenary support inflicted a devastating defeat on the Teutonic Knights. Thousands of soldiers were captured and the prestige of the Teutonic Order never recovered. While the Knights were allowed to retain most of their lands in the aftermath, the victorious army wreaked havoc on their Prussian holdings following the battle.

Bitwa pod Grunwaldem by Jan Matejko

Points of Interest:

  • John Ziska, who would later be a leader in the Hussite rebellion, commanded a number of Bohemian mercenaries in this battle.

  • In 1435, the Teutonic Knights lent support to a rebellion against Ladislas but it was quickly put down.

  • This is also known as the Battle of Tannenberg.

Polish King Ladislas II Jagiello (Cropped) by Master Andrey

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