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July 13th, 1465 - The Battle of Montlhery

Conflict: War of the Public Weal

Combatants: French Royalty vs. League of Public Weal

Location: France

Outcome: Inconclusive (arguable League victory)

In 1465 a league of nobles led by Charles the Bold of Burgundy rebelled against the authority of the French throne in a conflict known as the War of the Public Weal. On July 13th, the two armies met in confused cavalry engagement. While neither side could claim a clear victory in the battle, the League of Public Weal emerged in a position to force Louis XI to sign the Treaty of Conflans.

Bataille de Montlhéry by an unknown artist

Points of Interest:

  • Charles and many of his fellow nobles were granted land concessions in the treaties signed by Louis XI.

  • Yet, despite signing the treaties, Louis XI divided the League through clever manipulation and later declared them void.

Louis XI by Jean-Léonard Lugardon

Charles the Bold, Duke of Burgundy by an unknown artist

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