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July 11th, 1302 - The Battle of Courtrai (aka Battle of the Spurs)

Conflict: Franco-Flemish Wars

Combatants: Flemings vs. French

Location: Belgium

Outcome: Flemish victory

The Battle of the Spurs by Nicaise de Keyser

In order to put down a Flemish revolt, an army of French nights supported by German cavalry and Genoese crossbowmen marched on West Flanders under the command of Comte d'Artois. The Flemings, led by Count Guy de Dampierre, took up positions in a series of canals on soft, marshy ground. Anxious to attack, the French charged forward through their own infantry with little discipline or "softening-up" by the crossbowmen. Flemish pikemen inflicted massive casualties on both the French knights and their horses. Artois himself was killed in the melee.

Battle of Courtai by unknown artist

Points of Interest:

  • This engagement is sometimes referred to as the "Battle of the Golden Spurs", as the Flemish soldiers collected the spurs of the fallen cavalry after their victory.

  • In addition to Artois, another sixty-three French nobles were killed in the slaughter.

Count Guy de Dampierre by an unknown artist

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