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February 27th, 1881- The Battle of Majuba Hill

Conflict: First Boer War

Combatants: Boers vs. British

Location: South Africa

Outcome: Boer victory

Just one month after his defeat at Laing's Nek, British General Sir George Colley deployed 550 of his soldiers on Majuba Hill which overlooked a pass through the Drakensberg Mountains. Colley's men were apparently positioned poorly on the location. Boer riflemen, led by Petrus Joubert, attacked the British at dawn.

Majuba by Richard Caton Woodville, Jr.

The British soldiers were easily driven from their positions. Over half of Colley's men were killed, captured, or wounded. Colley himself was killed in the fighting. Boer losses were minor.

General Sir George Colley at the Battle of Majuba Mountain just before he was killed by Melton Prior

Points of Interest:

  • Majuba Hill was the last battle of the First Boer War. The South African Republic was granted independence on April 5th of 1881.

  • The Battle of Majuba Hill is depicted in the South African film Majuba: Hill of Doves (1968).

General Sir George Colley by an unknown photographer
Petrus Joubert by an unknown photographer



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