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February 25th, 1809 - The Battle of Valls

Conflict: Peninsular War

Combatants: French vs. Spanish

Location: Spain

Outcome: French victory

On this day in 1809, a French army commanded by Laruent Gouvion St. Cyr defeated Spanish troops commanded by Theodor von Reding near Catalonia. Von Reding was himself killed in a cavalry melee.

Le 12e dragons s'illustra en Espagne 1809 by Paul Kauffmann

Points of Interest:

  • St. Cyr was replaced by Napoleon the following year and angrily departed Spain before his replacement had even arrived.

  • However, St. Cyr was given command of the VI Corps two years later for the invasion of Russia.

Gouvion Saint Cyr by Gabriel Fiesinger
Theodor von Reding by an unknown artist



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