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December 5th, 1757 - The Battle of Leuthen

Conflict: Seven Years' War

Combatants: Austrians vs. Prussians

Location: Poland

Outcome: Prussian victory

Intent on preventing Frederick II (the Great) from reaching Breslau, Prince Charles Alexander of Lorraine and 71,000 Austrians blocked the road near Leuthen along a five mile front. On the morning of December 5th, Frederick's Prussian troops pressed hard against the Austrian left and pressed it back against the center. The Austrians failed in an attempt to form a new line and their cavalry was routed by the Prussians. By nightfall the Austrian army was broken losing after 6,500 killed and wounded and another 12,000 captured.

Battle of Leuthen by Carl Röchling

Points of Interest:

  • Frederick would retake Breslau just five days after Leuthen.

  • Frederick's victory was so complete the Austrian army would not return to battle for over six months.

Charles Alexander of Lorraine by an unknown artist

Frederick II of Prussia (1712–1786), 'Frederick the Great' by Johann Heinrich Christian Franke

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