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December 4th, 1676 - The Battle of Lund

Conflict: Scanian War

Combatants: Danes/Dutch vs. Swedes

Location: Sweden

Outcome: Swedish victory

Hoping to recover lost territory, Danes joined the Dutch in making war with the Kingdom of Sweden. The allied nations engaged the Swedes under command of their king, Charles XI, at Lund in December of 1676. Although outnumbered, the Swedes, with Charles' leadership, defeated the Danish/Dutch forces and drove them from the field.

Slaget vid Lund 1676 by Otto Mankell

Points of Interest:

  • The Scanian War was an element of the Dutch or Franco-Dutch War.

  • Though defeated on land, the Danes were more successful against the Swedes on the sea.

Charles XI of Sweden by Martin Mytens

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