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December 2nd, 1805 - The Battle of Austerlitz

Conflict: War of the Third Coalition

Combatants: Austrians/Russians vs. French

Location: Czech Republic

Outcome: French victory

Moving north from Vienna, Napoleon was met by an Allied army of the Holy Roman Emperor Francis I's Austrians and Czar Alexander I's Russians intent on smashing the French right wing. Napoleon, however, instead broke the Allied center while another French attack turned the Allied left and sent it into retreat. The Allied right, under Russian command, put up stiff resistance but was also enveloped before nightfall. The Allied army was destroyed with losses of 36,000 men.

La bataille d'Austerlitz. 2 decembre 1805 by François Gérard

Points of Interest:

  • Although the French were unable to follow up this victory immediately, the Third Coalition did not recover. Alexander's armies returned to Russia and Francis signed a peace treaty on December 26th.

  • This battle is sometimes known as the "Battle of the Three Emperors" (i.e., Napoleon, Francis, and Alexander).

Alexander I of Russia by G.Dawe

Napoleon I of France by Andrea Appiani

Francis II Holy Roman Emperor by Robert Theer

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