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December 27th, 1948 - The Battle of Auja

Conflict: Arab-Israeli Wars

Combatants: Egyptians vs. Israeli Defense Forces (IDF)

Location: Israel

Outcome: Israeli victory

Determined to force the Egyptians out of the war, the Israelis launched an offensive in the Sinai in December of 1948. The IDF engaged in an encirclement of the Egyptian forces at Rafah, Aluj, and, on December 27th, Auja. Colonel Yigal Allon (later Lt. General), launched an attack southward to seize Abu Ageila. Operations in the Sinai against continued until the Egyptians requested a cease-fire on January 7th of 1949.

Lt. General Yigal Allon by an unknown photographer

Points of Interest:

  • Armistices with Lebanon, Jordan, and Syria followed in March, April, and July respectively.

  • While armistices were signed, no peace agreements were made. Egypt would not recognize the state of Israel until 1979 and Jordan not until 1994. Lebanon and Syria, as of 2023, have not recognized Israel.

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