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December 15th, 533 - The Battle of Tricamarum

Conflict: Vandalic War

Combatants: Byzantines vs. Vandals

Location: Tunisia

Outcome: Byzantine victory

After having driven the Vandals from the city of Carthage in September of 533, Byzantine General Count Belisarius was now confronted by a reinforced enemy of around 50,000 men north of the city. Despite being greatly outnumbered, Belisarius charged the Vandal camp causing confusion in their ranks. Tzazon, the brother of the Vandal King Gelimer, was killed in the melee. Gelimer fled and the Vandal army was broken.

Belisarius by Per Kraft the Younger

Points of Interest:

  • Gelimer, the Vandal king, surrendered in March of 534.

  • Belisarius left Africa that same year in the hands of Byzantine General Solomon, but had to return in 536 to help suppress a mutiny.

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