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December 11th, 1282- The Battle of Orewin Bridge

Conflict: Conquest of Wales

Combatants: Englsih vs. Welsh

Location: Wales

Outcome: English victory

When Llewellyn ab Gruffydd, the leader of Wales, resisted the rule of the Enlgish King Edward I, Edward responded with an invasion of the little neighboring kingdom. At the Battle of Orewin Bridge in 1282, English forces were defeated and Llewellyn was killed. Llewellyn's brother would be executed shortly thereafter. Wales became a vassal to England and Edward's son, Edward II, was named the Prince of Wales.

Points of Interest:

  • The battle is sometimes known as the Battle of Radnor.

  • Llewellyn ab Gruffydd has been dubbed Llewellyn the Last for obvious reasons.

Llywelyn ap Gruffudd in the Parliament of Edward I by an unknown artist

Prince Edward (later Edward I) by an unknown artist

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