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December 12th, 627 - The Battle of Nineveh

Conflict: Byzantine-Sassanid War

Combatants: Byzantines vs. Sassanids (Persians)

Location: Iraq

Outcome: Byzantine victory

In the closing days of the war between the Eastern Roman Empire (Byzantine) and the Persian Empire (Sassanids), the two armies met on the plains of modern day Iraq. Although somewhat outnumbered by the Persian army, the Byzantines emerged victorious after a fierce battle. The Emperor Heraclius was recorded as killing the enemy general in the combat.

Heraclius by an unknown artist

Points of Interest:

  • The Battle was fought on the same site Alexander the Great had defeated Darius some 900 years before.

  • Heraclius was wounded in the melee but refused to leave the field before the battle was won.

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