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August 30th, 1813 - The Battle of Fort Mims

Conflict: Creek War

Combatants: Americans vs. Creeks

Location: Alabama (USA)

Outcome: Creek victory

On year after the United States became embroiled once again in war with Great Britain, the Creek Indians joined the conflict. Under the leadership of William Weatherford (aka Red Eagle), the son of a Scottish trader and a Creek woman, the Creeks attacked Fort Mims along the Alabama River on August 30th of 1813. Nearly half of the inhabitants, or roughly 250 people, were killed in the attack and many of the remainder were taken to die in captivity. Only about thirty Americans are recorded having survived.

Fort Mims Massacre 1813 by Alonzo Chappel

Points of Interest:

  • Among the dead within the fort were most of the women and children which Weatherford reportedly lamented of and blamed on 'mismanagement' of his war party.

  • Weatherford surrendered to General Andrew Jackson, helped to negotiate a treaty, and later retired as a wealthy planter.

Chief Red Eagle (Cropped) by J.R. Chapin

General Andrew Jackson by an unknown artist

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