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August 2nd, 1832 - The Battle of Nacogdoches

Conflict: Texas Revolution

Combatants: Mexicans vs. Texians

Location: Texas (USA)

Outcome: Texian victory

After the "North Americans" had declared for Santa Anna and the Constitution of 1824, the local Mexican Commander demanded that the settlers surrender their arms. Refusing to comply, Mexican forces marched on the town of Nacogdoches. On August 2nd, about three hundred "Texians" repulsed a charge of Mexican cavalry within the town. The Mexicans lost about 82 soldiers killed and wounded. Texan losses were light. Colonel Jim Bowie (below) led a party of Texans which forced the Mexican Commander to surrender leadership to his subordinate who immediately declared support for Santa Anna.

Jim Bowie by George Peter Alexander Healy

Points of Interest:

  • Bowie came to Texas in 1828 fleeing prosecution for a duel.

  • Bowie would die of illness at the Alamo in 1836.

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