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August 23rd, 1514 - The Battle of Chaldiran

Conflict: Ottoman-Persian Wars

Combatants: Ottomans vs. Persians

Location: Persia

Outcome: Ottoman victory

When Selim I, a devout Moslem, was made the sultan of the Ottomans, he turned away from attempting to conquer the Christian West in order to confront heresy within the Islamic East. Selim marched an army of 50,000 into Persia to engage the forces of Sha Ismail I. At Chaldiran in Armenia, Selim's small arms and artillery decisively defeated the greater force of Persians.

Shah Ismail at the Battle of Chaldiran by Muin Musavvir

Points of Interest:

  • Selim also occupied Azerbaijan and Kurdistan.

  • Selim intended to conquer more of the East but his Janissaries refused to continue any further.

Sultan Selim I by Paolo Veronese

Portrait of Shah Ismail I by Cristofano dell'Altissimo

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