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August 22nd, 1485 - The Battle of Bosworth Field

Conflict: The War of the Roses

Combatants: Lancastrians vs. Yorkists

Location: England (UK)

Outcome: Yorkist victory

After the death of Edward IV, the Duke of Gloucester imprisoned Edward's young sons and declared himself King Richard III. When the two boys were murdered, the Earl of Richmond, Henry Tudor, seized on the widespread anger to lead an army into Wales in August of 1485. This army swelled to 5,000 men at it passed through Shrewsbury and Stafford.

Battle of Bosworth by James Doyle

Richard, meanwhile, marched at the head of 10,000 Royalist troops to confront Henry's rebels. The two armies converged on a field near Market Bosworth on August 22nd. Richard's forces greatly outnumbered the rebel army, but turncoats among his own troops turned the battle against the Royalists and Richard III himself was killed in the fighting.

Battle of Bosworth by Abraham Cooper

Points of Interest:

  • Richard died in battle still wearing his crown.

  • Henry was crowned Henry VII, the first of the Tudor line of English kings.

Richard III of England by an unknown artist

Portrait of Henry VII of England (Henry Tudor) attributed to Maynnart Wewyck

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