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August 19th, 634 - The Battle of Marj Al-Saffar

Conflict: Arab-Byzantine War

Combatants: Byzantines vs. Rashidun Arabs

Location: Syria

Outcome: Rashidun victory

In this early period of Islamic military expansion, the Moslem General Khalid ibn al-Walid marched from his conquests in Mesopotamia to confront Byzantine counter offensives in Syria and Palestine. Khalid defeated the Byzantines first between Gaza and Jerusalem in July of 634 and then confronted the Byzantine General Baanes outside of Damascus. Khalid defeated Baanes and invested the city.

Khālid_ibn al-Walīd by an unknown artist

Points of Interest:

  • Khalid abandoned Damascus in 636, retreating before a Byzantine army led Theodore, the brother of the emperor.

  • Khalid returned to defeat Theodore and retake Damascus later in the year.

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