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August 11th, 1718- The Battle of Cape Passaro

Conflict: War of the Quadruple Alliance

Combatants: British vs. Spanish

Location: Mediterranean Sea

Outcome: British victory

On this day in 1718, 21 British ships under the command of Admiral George Byng all but destroyed a smaller Spanish fleet, commanded by Admiral Antonio de Gaztañeta, off the coast of Syracuse. The British sank or captured 20 of the Spanish vessels with only 2 or 3 escaping destruction.

Points of Interest:

  • After the death of French King Louis XIV, England, France and the Netherlands allied to oppose the machinations of Spain in France and Italy.

  • In 1718, Austria joined the allies to for the Quadruple Alliance.

George Byng (1663-1733), 1st Viscount Torrington by Godfrey Kneller

Antonio Gaztañeta by an unknown artist

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