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April 8th, 1865 - The Battle of Appomattox

Conflict: American Civil War

Combatants: Confederates vs. Federals

Location: Virginia (USA)

Outcome: Federal victory

Here Confederate General Robert E. Lee made a last ditch effort to evade the Federal army and link his troops with those of General Joseph Johnston. Lee's plan was thwarted by the arrival of Federal reinforcements. Lee requested a cease fire and surrendered to Ulysses S. Grant the following day at the Appomattox Courthouse.

Lee Surrendering to Grant at Appomattox by Alonzo Chappel

Points of Interest:

  • General Joseph Johnston surrendered his troops in North Carolina on April 18th.

  • Finally, General Edmund Kirby-Smith surrendered his troops in Shreveport, LA on May 26th.



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