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April 6th, 1250 - The Battle of Fariskur

Conflict: Seventh Crusade

Combatants: Crusaders vs. Egyptians

Location: Egypt

Outcome: Egyptian victory

After a failed attempt to capture Cairo and a defeat at Mansura, French Crusader Louis IX had begun a long retreat back to Damietta. At Fariskur, the Europeans were attacked again by Moslem pursuers. The army of Crusaders was destroyed and Louis himself captured. He later agreed to pay a ransom of 800,00 gold livres.

Louis IX, dit Saint Louis, Roi de France by Emile Signol

Points of Interest:

  • The Seventh Crusade was launched in an attempt to retake Jerusalem from the Moslems, but Louis' army was defeated without even leaving Egypt.

  • Louis IX was canonized by the Catholic Church in 1297.



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