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April 27th, 1813 - The Battle of York

Conflict: War of 1812

Combatants: Americans vs. British

Location: Canada

Outcome: American victory

In preparation for the invasion of Canada, Major General Henry Dearborn was dispatched to mount amphibious operations against Canadian forts and harbors on Lake Ontario. On this day in 1813, 1600 American troops led by General Zebulon Pike landed and captured the town of York (later Toronto). Pike and over three hundred Americans were killed in a powder keg explosion. Against orders, American troops set fire to public buildings causing further animosity from Canadians.

Battle of York by Owen Staples

Points of Interest:

  • Henry Dearborn would become ill a month after York and eventually be replaced by Brigadier General James Wilkinson.

  • Dearborn's adjutant general for this operation was Colonel Winfield Scott.

Zebulon Pike by Charles Wilson Peale
Major General Henry Dearborn by Gilbert Stuart



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