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April 22nd, 1809 - The Battle of Eckmühl

Conflict: War of the Fifth Coalition (1809)

Combatants: Austrians vs. French

Location: Germany

Outcome: French victory

After being driven back from Abensberg to Eckmühl on April 20th, the Archduke Charles Louis of Austria here attempted to destroy an isolated wing of the French army under command of Louis-Nicol Davout. On April 22nd, Charles attacked with about 80,000 troops, but the movement was slow and Napoleon arrived in the afternoon with the remainder of the army. Napoleon quickly crushed the Austrian left wing, inflicted 11,000 casualties overall and forced Charles further into retreat.

Battle of Eckmühl by Giuseppe Pietro Bagetti

Points of Interest:

  • Charles Louis had successfully faced the French in the 1790s during which he drove a French invasion out of Germany.

  • Following the Hundred Days in 1815, Louis-Nicol Davout was stripped of his peerage and exiled to Louviers until 1819.

Charles Louis, Archduke of Austria by Charles François Gabriel Levachez
Louis-Nicolas Davout by Pierre Gautherot



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