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April 20th, 1526 - The Battle of Panipat

Conflict: Moghul Imperial Wars

Combatants: Lodi Sultanate vs. Moghuls

Location: India

Outcome: Moghul victory

On this day in 1526, Ibrahim Lodi, the Sultan of Delhi, attacked the Moghuls under Babur north of his city with an army of 30,000 - 40,000 soldiers. The attacks failed and the Moghuls, though greatly outnumbered, counterattacked the enemy flanks with cavalry. Faced with attacks from the the front and both sides, the Indian soldiers broke and ran. Ibrahim, along with 15,000 of his men, were killed in the rout.

The Battle of Panipat (1526) by Deo Gujarati

Points of Interest:

  • The death of Ibrahim ended the Lodi dynasty in India.

  • Babur's Moghul Empire in India would endure until the 18th century.

Babur of India by an unknown artist
Sultan Ibrahim I by an unknown artist



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