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April 19th, 1809 - The Battle of Abensberg

Conflict: War of the Fifth Coalition (1809)

Combatants: Austrians vs. French

Location: Germany

Outcome: French victory

With France distracted by its campaign in Spain, Austria once more declared war and, under the command of Archduke Charles Louis, advanced on the French III Corps in Bavaria. Napoleon collected half of his forces to oppose the advance near Abensberg and pushed all three wings of the Austrian army back.

Abensberg by Jean-Baptiste Debret

Points of Interest:

  • Charles Louis managed to blunt Napoleon's offensive at Aspern-Essling a month later, but was badly defeated again by the French in July. He retired from military service shortly after.

  • Austria agreed to sign the Treaty of Schönbrunn in October of 1809 which ceded 32,000 square miles of territory to the French Empire.

Napoleon Bonaparte by Andrea Appiani
Charles Louis, Archduke of Austria by Charles François Gabriel Levachez



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