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April 16th, 1746 - The Battle of Culloden Moor

Conflict: The Forty-Five (1745-1746)

Combatants: English vs. Scots

Location: Scotland

Outcome: English victory

Despite defeating the English at Falkirk, the Prince Charles Edward's Scottish Jacobites were pursued by George II's son William Augustus ,the Duke of Cumberland, with 10,000 men. Cumberland forced the Scots into battle at Culloden Moor. Using well-placed artillery and cavalry, the English repulsed every Highlander charge. Cumberland then ordered a cavalry charge which dispersed and slaughtered the fleeing Scots. The rebel army was destroyed and Charles Edward narrowly escaped capture by the English. The English lost some 300 soldiers in the engagement.

Battle of Culloden by David Murier

Points of Interest:

  • Cumberland's "no quarter" victory earned him the moniker of "Butcher".

  • The Stuart line was never restored; Charles Edward died in 1788 without heirs.

William Augustus, Duke of Cumberland by Arthur Pond
Charles Edward Stuart by Allan Ramsay



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