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April 15th, 1450 - The Battle of Formigny

Conflict: Hundred Years' War (1337-1453)

Combatants: English vs. French

Location: France

Outcome: French victory

In the spring of 1450, Arthur of Brittany, the Constable of Richemont, ordered an army of Frenchmen commanded by the Count of Clermont to halt the advance of 4,500 English troops on Caen. Clermont struck the English at Formigny on April 15th with artillery positioned on both flanks. While the English fought bravely, the French canon and reinforcements would eventually send their soldiers into rout. Nearly 4,000 Englishmen were killed in the engagement with few survivors remaining.

Battle of Formigny by Lafaye

Points of Interest:

  • All English troops would not be expelled from France until 1453.

  • After 113 years of fighting, the Hundred Years' War ended without a formal peace treaty between England and France.

Arthur III of Brittany (Constable de Richemont) by Nicolas Pitau



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