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April 11th, 1512 - The Battle of Ravenna

Conflict: Italian Wars of Charles VIII and Louis XII

Combatants: French vs. Spanish

Location: Italy

Outcome: French victory

On this day in 1512, a French army, led by Gaston of Foix, detached from sieging Ravenna to engage the Spanish forces entrenched along the Ronco River. Following intense bombardment, the Spanish cavalry charged prematurely into the French lines and was repulsed. An indecisive, hour long battle ensued between the Spanish infantry and French landsknechts. French canons eventually drove the Spanish troops into rout, but Gaston was killed while pursing the fleeing enemy.

Death of Gaston de Foix in the Battle of Ravenna on 11 April 1512 by Ary Scheffer

Points of Interest:

  • After Ravenna, Holy Roman Emperor Maximillian I and the Swiss joined the coalition opposing France.

  • The Italian Wars ended in 1516 with Spain recognizing French control of Milan while France renounced any claim to Naples.

Portrait of Gaston of Foix, Duke of Nemours (1489–1512), by Philippe de Champaigne



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